Twisted Love is here.

Wally Runnels is a master storyteller. Call it Border Pulp or noir,

Runnels is always fresh and original; an author who stimulates the

imagination with his jaw-dropping window into Rocky’s gritty and grimy,

but sometimes sensual, world. Twisted Love is no different. It’s another

chilling and hardboiled roller coaster ride into a story that does notTLCOVER.RED

disappoint.  Buckle up. You’re in for a fun trip.”

Dennis Copelan, author of the Welcome to Hollyweird Collection


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I'm the author so this is not a review, but a description of my work.

Border Pulp, that’s what I call the stuff I write. Think of it as noir
in Spanglish, and in color. My protagonists and villains inhabit California/Baja border towns...