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BORDER PULP NEWS: First the good news, but there isn’t any.


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.13.54 PMIt appears there’s plenty of unrest in Mexico’s most southern state of Guerrero. Forty-three students are still missing. At least that’s what the government says.

The Catholic Church says they’re dead. Based on the confession of one of the cartel members who told the Guerrero authorities what happened.

And the third Catholic priest had been found, murdered, supposedly by cartel hands, with no arrests.

People are fed up with President Nieto’s government. His multi-million dollar home, a gift from a corporation he’s been feeding work. He lives in a palatial mansion while the people of Guerrero live in one-room shacks.

Guerrero is drifting away from the Mexican Government. They have formed their own militia because the police work with the cartels. The citizens of Guerrero want to have their own government with people they can trust. Arms for their militia are being purchased from rebels in Guatemala.

The Mexican economy is not growing, people have no work and there is a breakdown of law and order. Nothing is being done to change anything.

Thousands gathered in Mexico City to demonstrate for the forty-three students, the murdered priests and the corruption, which created President’s Nieto’s mansion.

Nieto was voted in on economic reform. He just missed Human Rights.

My name’s Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.



People ask me how I come up with my stories?  I tell them all you have to do is follow the news in Mexico.

FR. LOPEZThe man in the picture is Father Gregorio Lopez Gorostieta. He is the third priest to have been murdered in Guerrero, Mexico. His body was found in Altamirano, an area where cartel members extort from businesses and rob from the Catholic Church.

Because of the Father’s affective pastoral works they represent symbols of power that weaken cartels and have made them targets. Especially those pastors who refuse to perform quickie gangster marriages. In Mexico, marriages require rigorous paper work. Denying demands of cartel members such as blessing a car, a home, or a gang member’s family is often refused with disastrous results.  However, no one knows why Father Gregorio was killed.

Nine priests have been reported assassinated in the last two years in Mexico and two more are reported missing. The battle cry coined by a local bishop is: “Ya Basta, Enough Already.”

Mexican police have done little to find the killers. A crisis of confidence exists. The people of Mexico have grave doubts about police integrity and the willingness to investigate those in the shadows who hold a nation hostage.

My name is Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.