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BORDER PULP NEWS: Mexicali is hot, hot, hot.

MEXICALI WEATHERMexicali is way too hot to go outside.  The border heats up in the summer. You might try the Tuna Club if you want to chill out. Grab a frigid one.  Hector keeps the place cool. He’s got an industrial size AC. Major BTU’s.  Got it off a guy who had to close his chop shop. Humpy is now enjoying the air-conditioning at San Quentin.

Hope anyone trying to cross the border has plenty of water and shade, maybe some air-conditioning.

But if you can’t go outside because of the heat and are looking a little pale, here’s an idea.  Spray on your tan. It’s only ten cents for thirty seconds. Of course that was a long time ago.  Check out that hair style.SUN TAN SPRAY

BORDER PULP NEWS: BLOGLOVIN’ likes The In-Ko-Pah Spirit.

Hit the link below and you’ll get a video, a review and an excerpt of The In-Ko-Pah Spirit, kindly provided by Bloglovin’.

Please take a look, you might find it interesting.

Here’s the link:  http://booksdirectonline.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-in-ko-pah-spirit-by-wally-runnels.html


The In-Ko-Pah Spirit Cover


BORDER PULP NEWS: There’s work in Mexico.


With our economy being what it is maybe you should look for work in Mexico. Coyotes are staying busy. Recent research indicates that three out of five coyotes are American citizens. They are American males of Hispanic descent. They get their clients from a Mexican social network and make schedules based on final destinations.

MIGRANTSJust think twice about starting your own coyote business. You’ll have to payoff some nasty people and get an approval from the local cartel. Most transporting organizations are part of a cartel or an organization that pays a cartel to stay in business.

An American coyote is paid higher wages than their Mexican counterparts. They will get $850 per migrant that they get across. Mexicans will get about $300 less. Central American coyotes will make only $150.

Normally one coyote will take three people and maintain them while they guide them across the border. Payment can be made in installments. Final payments are made upon arrival at the agreed destination. Migrants bound for California will have to pay in advance, and can pay up to $10,000 with no guarantees.

Buena suerte.

Border Pulp News: VADER Patrols the Border.


Drones, those lovable little snoops, either you love’em or you hate’em. Since March 2013 there have been ten thousand flights over the Mexican/American Border. That’s at $12,255 bucks a flight.  And there’s no first class seating.

A lot of people are unconvinced that drones really work. Turns out only 1% of border crossing arrests were the result of drone surveillance.

The Border Patrol loves them. All that hi-tech stuff gets them warm and fuzzy. The new tech package is called VADER. Cool acronym, wonder who comes up with those? Vader stands for Vehicle And Dismount Exploration Radar. At twenty thousand feet the system can see a windshield wiper. One evening a drone using VADER followed a pickup truck on a border road until it reached a house. At twenty thousand feet altitude  the agents saw dogs wagging their tails and knew it was okay.

This all sounds good but one drone arrest costs $28,000. Be happy drones only account for 1% of apprehensions.