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DKARMABorder Pulp, that’s what I call the stuff I write; a kind of border town sinister. It’s relaxing, except for the dreams you’ll have after you read it. Think of it as the noir film, A Touch of Evil, but in color. My protagonists and villains live around Mexican/American Border towns. Crooked cops, hit men, drug runners, brothel owners, and beautiful women come and go offering glimpses of a dangerous culture. The lucky losers just get shot, because along this boundry line there are harder ways to go down.

Happy reading. My name is Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.




A month ago my brother and I went out to the Anza Borrego Desert.HOY-IMIGRANTWe stopped at a place not far from the old Butterfield stage line and the equally ancient Immigrant Trail used by the gold rush miners on their way to riches. This place is called Desert Palms. Old Indian trails from the mountain behind lead into this oasis. The trails are hundreds of years old. The palms are watered by a constant running natural spring. Animal signs are all over  the site. The weather was in the high seventies, perfect that day.PALM SPRINGS

Juan Bautista de Anza passed by a little to the north through Coyote Wash. He was on his way to the mission San Fernando in the valley of the same name. He made two trips, one in 1774 and 1775.  On his first trip he left San Fernando and met Fra Junipero Serra in Carmel. When he made his second journey he guided settlers on the same route and scouted a great inland harbor and founded San Francisco.

Yeah, we’re up and pitching.

Please take a look at The In-Ko-Pah Spirit. Look at that guy on the cover, sweet. Now isn’t that somebody you could love?The In-Ko-Pah Spirit Cover

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Hi All. Here’s a review by Piers Anthony for the anthology, The Forsaken.  Give it a read. Several very credible authors have contributed to this work.

TheForsaken Cover PROMO

Herewith my forthcoming review of The Forsaken. Interesting volume.
I read The Forsaken, Stories of Forgotten Places, edited by Joe McKinney and Mark Onspaugh, because a story of mine is in it. I wrote “The Privy” in 2010 but the volume has only now been published; sometimes these things take time. I like to know the company my stories keep. My story concerns an outdoor privy that still stinks a decade after it stopped ever being used. Think about that a moment. A rich uncle left the property to our protagonist. Was it contempt for him, or something else? The other 21 stories range from horror to humor. In general they are finely detailed; I really got the feel of those abandoned places and yes, their creepiness. They aren’t necessarily all the way dead, you see. I’m not a horror fan, but for my taste the stronger stories came later in the volume. This is not to say the others don’t have their points, just that it’s really not feasible to discuss them all, so I am focusing to the harder hitting ones. Such as “The Pressboard Factory” by Peter N Dudar. Ryan is a girl in a boy’s body, bullied by others, finally hiding out at the haunted Pressboard Factory where intruders tend to die. He cuts off his male anatomy; does he become a girl? We can’t be sure. “Mother’s Nature” by Wally Runnels. This one’s a shocker. Rocky goes to check on the woman Moya for a friend, but instead encounters Pomona. He helps her in a night of healing sick animals; she’s doing good work. Then she gets interested in him, and her sex appeal manifests and she forcefully seduces him, but during the act starts to bite off his head. She’s a kind of praying mantis, and she wants some offspring. “Hollow” by Michael C Lea. Thomas is on a moon mission, and discovers that the moon is shrinking. In fact it is hollow, and inside is sort of like a planetarium that shows a remarkable story of the war waged between God and Satan for the future of the world. Thomas will return to Earth, but which side is he on? This is a philosophic shocker. “Lullaby Land” by the second editor. A plot of land seems haunted, and a boy flees to it. Those pursuing him are intercepted by the Sandman, who is not at all nice. “Ghost Town” by the first editor is a tough minded police story with verisimilitude: that is, believability. The abandoned place is part of the city itself, and cops are plagued with alcoholism and guilt. I get the uneasy feeling that this is the nature of many police departments, hidden from the public, not good or bad, just grim. Overall, this volume is more than just obscure places; there are disturbing concepts and things to think about.

— Piers Anthony

 It’s on Amazon so give it a look.
Best, Wally

Here it is. The good, the bad, but not ugly!!!



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Wally Runnels is that most dangerous of sorcerers, trained, I think by some wizened bruja deep in the desert where only the most feared RED.KINDLE. TWLOVEcreatures will live: the scorpion, the rattler, the brown recluse and the dark magician.

Wally doesn’t cast spells with smoking mixtures of bat’s blood and cobwebs, he uses words… Words to take you to the most dreadful places, where murder is an act of reclaiming lost love and there is a deep but twisted sense of honor and what is right.

You’ll tell yourself that you don’t want to look, or you don’t want to go any further into that dark place Wally has invoked, but you will – his words are too powerful, too cunning.

And you’ll come back, but you won’t be unchanged.

Mark Onspaugh, author of The Faceless One and Deadlight Jack

Made the People’s Choice Swag Bag.

Hi all, it’s been a while.  Twisted Love, with Julietta and Rocky were in the People’s Choice Awards swag bag. If they open the book here’s what they’ll find.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.28.30 AMTwisted Love. Everyone needs redemption at some point in their lives…

Archaeologist Julietta Anguilar makes the find of a lifetime when she discovers a hidden chamber under the ruins of the Templo Mejor in the heart of Mexico City. But Julietta’s obsession with the past also has a dark side – abused as a young girl, she struggles to find peace amidst chilling reminders of her dead grandfather and other even more sinister spirits whom she has awakened even as she stands on the brink of fame.

She’s a troubled woman that has to find her way out of the dark with a murderous assassin. One reviewer said it was a page tuner. You can be the judge of that.

What folks say about Twisted Love.

RED.KINDLE. TWLOVEMASTER OF THE OCCULT AND PASSION.  From word one, this novel grips and shakes you with its unique descriptions and its velvet use of terror. Sample the opening: “The pervasive wood smoke of Mexico City created an orange midday glow. Death. Its challenging presence rode hot thermal wavelets, making the ground quiver.” The hero is ruthless and passionate, the heroine driven, ambitious, and loyal, even to those who corrupted and used her. Everyone holds secrets, even the dead, and it’s a race to see who will survive the revelations of those dark, devastating truths.

-Louella Nelson