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A Halloween Short

Voices From the Fire

By Wally Runnels

It had been a good burning.

The flames had climbed to the sky in writhing tongues of light. The wooden effigy of Loup Garoux was as tall as a castle tower. It came to life and writhed in the burning inferno. Its torso wobbled in a two-legged dance. The wooden shoulders that supported a wolf’s face and jaws twisted and the head-like structure rose as if it howled. Flames poured outward and flared from the body like a cloak on a windy day.
It had been a year since Chaud Houd, a local baron who lived on a hill surrounded by walls, had killed the creature. The fire was a celebration of the creature’s death. Burning him in effigy was a way to warn his spirit and hopefully keep others away.
Chaud Houd’s son Rouffe had danced around the burning creature with his friends. They reveled in the joy of a good harvest and hoped the valley would have a plentiful year to come. Everyone had clapped and yelled curses at the burning macabre figure. It had been a whole year without the monster killing anyone.
The air was cold crisp and gray smoke filled the air with a sappy pungent odor.
Rouffe danced with merry kicks and laughed with joy. All reveled in thought of the All Hallows celebration that was to come. Flashes and beams of light from the burning effigy fell over Rouffe and his friends.
A man in chain mail who wore a sword stood respectively in front of Rouffe. He jerked upright at the solemn countenance of the man.
“Young master, your father wishes to see you.”
Rouffe knew him as one of the men at arms his father maintained. “I have a horse for you.”
Rouffe nodded and adjusted his cap and followed his father’s man. He nodded to his friends. His friends took on a quiet demeanor. “Oh Rouffe, what have you done now?” He could only shrug and shake his head.
Rouffe and his escort rode back to his father’s walls. They were granite and marred by previous assaults. Smaller stones set within the larger boulders were patches from hurled missiles from catapults. They looked like scabs. Rouffe had been a baby when the last war occurred. They crossed a bridge and entered the gate flanked by two rearing dragons.
Rouffe worried about what his father wanted. He was fourteen and the age when he might be required to make a formidable adventure. One of which many young men had not survived.

Female… #atozchallenge

     For what she was, she looked interesting. Some kind of erotic power still clung to her. The female creature, skeletal, skin hanging from her bones, yet endowed with curves, macabre, yet somehow had a seductive allure.

She looked at Rocky, the light in her eyes were flickering gray spots that filled emotionless cavities.

“I’m looking at you and I know what you do for a living.”

“Like everyone else, I have to work to earn my keep.”

“Yes, it’s just that what you do is so unique. You maybe have made some of my friends.”

“What did you do before you became what you are?”

“Answer my question first.”

“I take out the trash.” Rocky’s remark was delivered in a serious tone.

“That’s one way of putting it.” I like you. Why don’t you come over to us?”

Her tone was suggestive. But Rocky only saw a skeleton that was once a beautiful woman. Her skin hung but some areas had captivating curves that offered physical promise.

“No, that’s not for me.”

“But what about your friend?”

“No, no,” Hector groaned, “I don’t want to be bones.”

There were angry growls from the creatures that held Hector.

“What was your name,” asked Rocky.

“It’s not, was. I’m still Lucille.”

“You seem to know what I do. What did you do?”

“I was an entertainer,” Lucille laughed and adjusted her top. “I made house calls.”

“I figured that,” Rocky offered a sad smile.

“You’re guessing.”

Rocky shook his head and looked at Hector. “What do I need to do to get my friend out of here?”

“Because I like you I’ll let you trade him for someone else.”

“Alive or dead?”

“Better be alive, or the deals off.”

“I’ll need my truck.”

Lucille nodded to one of the bony guys and he left in one of the rigs.

“Just don’t take too long,” Lucille’s look was serious.

“Hey buddy, I’ll be back for you as soon as possible.”

“I know Rocky, just make it quick. Please.”