THERE’S A LOT OF INTERESTING PLACES TO SEE ON THE WAY TO BANKHEAD SPRINGS. My pal Rocky lives there in a little cabin. He’s always around except when he’s working for a cartel or the CIA. So I wouldn’t stop there, you might piss him off. Rocky


Jacumba's Area 51

Jacumba’s Area 51

But here’s one. Starship Street is a private road; so don’t drive it without permission. Locals look at it like it’s Area 51. It’s not too far from the Mexican/American Border. It will lead you to a gathering place used by the Unarius Society. The headquarters are based in El Cajon, California. Founded by Ernest and Ruth Norman in 1954, who believed the earth would be visited by Extraterrestrials in 2001. The site at the end of Starship Street is a place where the Unarius folks meet and meditate.

The society believes that the study of space and its mysteries can enlighten the soul and human spirit. Ernest and Ruth created a program called the Intergalactic Student Exchange. They had dreams.

Dreams draw people to this area.  Dreams are wonderful things to have.

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