Please… #atozchallenge


“Please listen to me, Arongo,” the female voice pleaded.

Rocky sat back and listened to the conversation on the other side of the wall. The lady was in love.

“I will, you know I will,” the male voice argued.


“Maybe sooner than you think, I have a feeling.”


“Not sure.”

Rocky looked in the distance toward town. A flash of pink disappeared behind a building. Was that Bernice? His eyes moved back and forth trying to get a complete picture.

The pink appeared again and Rocky knew it was Bernice. He never locked his truck. Maybe he should start doing that.

Because of his reputation in Mexicali people were afraid to steal from him. The saying was: don’t fuck with the man in black or he’ll eat ya like a snack. It held an underlying meaning that Rocky didn’t want to think about.

Bernice carried the shotgun. Rocky wondered if it was for Arango or himself. He didn’t want to kill her, but for Hector, he would if he had too. Saving Hector from the Dead Truckers was top of mind for Rocky.

Bernice was getting close and she was a mess. Her pink dress was soiled and spotted; the fabric was ripped and hung off her like dead skin. Every thing about her looked decayed. Her hair hung everywhere. She had been crying. Her eyes were black rings of mascara. Blotched skin smeared her face. Her hands looked like claws. She reminded Rocky a little of Lucille.

She moved at a rapid pace and she swung the weapon to the cadence of her gait.

She held Rocky in a state of awe. “You make me think I should lock my truck.”

“Wouldn’t have mattered, I’d just broke a window.”

“Glad you didn’t.”

“I know where Arango is, for sure. Just let me kill him and you and I will be fine.”

“Can’t let you do that. That’s my job.”

“I’ll save you the trouble.’

“Right now he’s working something out with some woman. You may know her.”

“That’s why I’m gonna kill him and her.”

“I think you already have.”


“Killed her.”


“Lucille. At least that’s what I’m picking up.”

“She’s here?” A look of fear covered Bernice’s face.

“Is that you, Lucille?” Rocky yelled.

“Yes, Rocky.”

“How’s my pal, Hector?”

“He’s fine, he offered one of my girls a job.”

“You know what he’d want her to do?”

“Yes. She didn’t like it and that’s what got her killed.”

“That you, Lucille,” screamed Bernice. “I’m sorry I did you.”

“I doubt that, Bernice.”

“You took my Arango from me.”

“You never had him, sweetheart,” Lucille chucked.

“I’ll kill you both for that.”

“You can’t do that Bernice. I need Arango to trade for my friend.”

“Know all that, but I want Arango.”

“You kill him I’ll have no one to trade but you.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Put down the gun.”

“No I won’t do that. I can see I may have to kill you.”


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