A prospector’s cabin on the Border can inspire stories.

While others knew of the place, my brothers and I finally found it. Built by a prospector, a gold hunter. His name was Happy.

HAPPY DOORHe was well known in Jacumba and the entire region. Some people built their homes from wood. Happy laid rock and hollowed his kitchen out of a granite boulder, making stone cabinets, bins, a fire pit, and doorways. Wonder how many old chums met out here to drink and gab? There were probably a lot.

For many prospectors the hunt for gold was enough. Very few got rich. The wealth for most was the outdoors, and a chance to live life on their own terms.

Wonder what kind of stories this place could tell. I’m going back some evening just to sit and listen.

My name is Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.



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