Be Wary… #atozchallenge

Be wary, Rocky told himself. Inside the huge structure Rocky and Hector listened to the idling Diesel. It was dark inside.

“Whaduya wannna do, Rock?”

“What are we looking for?”

“A Humvee.”

Okay just hang loose until we see light or some movement.”

Other engines began to start in the darkness.

“Jesus Christos,” muttered Hector.

Coughs and pops merged into a thunderous roar. The exhaust choking fog trembled and surrounded them. Headlights that opened the darkness were so bright they hurt ones eyes to look at them.

“Eighteen wheelers are what they drive,” shouted Hector. “And there they are.”

Driving lights lit the trailer boxes. Like an evil circus colored lights filled the space with ominous colors. “They ride tight on other truckers tails and force them over, sometimes run them off the road.”

“Why do they do that?” asked Rocky.

“They got a bond with the devil. They take what they want. They’re dead but they can’t rest, because the devil drives them.”

Hector crossed himself.

Rocky rubbed his brass Buddha he always carried. He looked for serenity, but found none at the moment.

In the biting light Rocky saw the Humvee. “I see it, there’s the Humvee.” It had the Baja Police Seal on the door.

“Hector, can you drive that thing?”

“Yeah, Cruz put a Hurst four speed shift in it.” Hector made the motion of shifting a four-speed. “Four on the floor pal.”

“Okay, you get in and I’ll figure out how to get the big door open.”

“Holy shit,” Hector screamed.

Rocky turned and watched a macabre shadow appear in the lights. It’s skin flapped and hung loosely on its bones. Its face was skeletal and without hair, which covered the rest of its sinister body. One eye was a dark hole and the other carried a red glow. The creature held out a hand where flesh hung off the bones.

It spoke in hisses. “Do you want to become one of usss?”

Rocky and Hector stared at the thing. It was unlike anything either had ever seen. Other hominoid forms began to weave through the burning lights of the rumbling trucks.

They slowly came at Rocky and Hector screaming and choking in laughter.

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