Border News: Announcing the opening of Air Cartel.

MOON DRONEExperts say the Mexican cartels can make twenty-four drones for the price of one narco-submarine.  So if a sub costs about two million dollars, that means a drone, now called a narcodrone will cost about $84,000.

State of the art drones are being built in Mexico by moonlighting aeronautical engineers.  These vehicles are lightweight. One can weigh about one hundred pounds and  carry enough drugs to make two million dollars per flight.  In Columbia a kilo of cocaine (2.2 lbs.) will cost about $1,700.  It sells for $30.000 in the United States.  Times this by ten or fifteen aircraft in a narcodrone swarm the profit runs in the millions.

There is no need for a mule, a human drug carrier, that can be caught, interrogated, and will give out names of cartel members.  A pilotless narcodrone is launched and flies a predetermined GPS course where a waiting handler picks up the aircraft and its load.  Once the flight is complete the wings are folded aircraft carrier style and stored in a semi trailer for servicing.

Payment for the received drugs can be sent in the same way.  A high degree of trust will be the keystone for this kind of operation.

So if you’re out and hear something like a flying lawn mower passing overhead, that’s Air Cartel making a delivery.  Sorry FedEx.

My name’s Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.


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