BORDER PULP NEWS: Mexicali is hot, hot, hot.

MEXICALI WEATHERMexicali is way too hot to go outside.  The border heats up in the summer. You might try the Tuna Club if you want to chill out. Grab a frigid one.  Hector keeps the place cool. He’s got an industrial size AC. Major BTU’s.  Got it off a guy who had to close his chop shop. Humpy is now enjoying the air-conditioning at San Quentin.

Hope anyone trying to cross the border has plenty of water and shade, maybe some air-conditioning.

But if you can’t go outside because of the heat and are looking a little pale, here’s an idea.  Spray on your tan. It’s only ten cents for thirty seconds. Of course that was a long time ago.  Check out that hair style.SUN TAN SPRAY

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