BORDER PULP NEWS: The Border has changed.

It was late fifties when my family moved into the Boulevard area. Since then the Border has changed a great deal. Hiking on the Border used to be pretty carefree. You’d see people heading north but they avoided you as you avoided them and no one said anything. You didn’t always call the Border Patrol.

Then you could crash through the brush laughing and talking in a noisy camaraderie. The only worry was about snakes.

SMUGGLINGA while back I was out and happened to be alone looking for Indian campsites; it’s something of a hobby.  Not being in a crowd, caution became a key factor.  Loud sound made me uncomfortable.  Breaking branches and the rattle of rolling rocks meant I moved around brush and stayed on the sandy soil as much as possible.

Earlier I had spoke with a Border Patrol Officer and he said I should have no problems.  If there were any sightings of illegal activity stay hidden and if they see you keep out of their way.  Don’t try any citizen’s arrest, as there are legal and physical dangers.  And if you see a group carrying weapons, keep out of the way.

The high desert is a wild and beautiful country.  If you decide to go out there carry plenty of water and carry a snake bite kit.

 My name is Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.



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