Clawed Hands… #atozchallenge

“Christ, Rocky, help me.” Suddenly they were
surrounded by bony skeletal figures. Clawed hands grappled
with living flesh. The stench and smell of death was around
them. Foul breaths and dead flesh filled the air with its
More Diesel engines began their sinister growl. The
bestial sound filled the air with a challenge. A kicked up
roar that was deafening proved that many feet had the pedal
on the floor. Was death providing a cheer for its ghoulish
companions to strive and conquer?
Rocky kicked and fought back. He used his pistol as a
club, shattering and breaking. Hector tore into a ghoulish
threesome. Breaking and hammering with his fists, covered
in dead hair, he grabbed, threw and broke bodies that were
already dead.
A chorus of roars followed and the sound of clattering
metal pushed against Rocky and Hector. Other engines
followed in a cacophony of brutal sound. Roars. Crashes.
Unearthly screams made the ground tremble and the building
“Can barely stand,” Hector yelled, leaning against the
wave of sound.

A single pair of lights came on. Then, the driving
lights on a trailer box. An eighteen-wheeler. Hector was on
his knees, his hands clasped over his ears. “I can’t
believe this is happening,” Hector screamed.
They were surrounded by bones, broken, mashed and some
with skin still on. The creatures that survived had backed
Horns blared out and rose in pitch. Insistent and
mocking, their pitch became a physical force that bumped
and pushed against Rocky and Hector.
Rocky stood against the noise and rolled the Buddha in
his jacked pocket, trying to find peace. There was none.
But he continued to search.
Another engine started and then another, and more
continued to fire up in a growling challenge. But in the
clouded light Rocky saw the Humvee. It had a Baja Police
seal on the door. There it was. Just get it and we’ll get
out. But Rocky wondered how do you open the big door to get
“Hector, can you drive that thing?”
“Sure, don’t need a key just flip the switch.”
“Okay, get in there and I’ll try to figure out how to
open the big door.”

Hector screamed. A figure appeared in the headlights
and cast a long shadow over him.
It spoke in hissed. “You’ll like being like us?”
Mute, Hector could only stare at the thing. “You’re
kidding me, you’re an ugly piece of shit,” he screamed.
“Soon, I’ll make you like me.” The creature said. His
jaw cracked when he smiled. His clawed hands reached out.
Hector did a two-step dodge and ran around the
menacing figure.
“My God, Rocky,” Hector yelled. Another menace clawed
him. More were closing in on him.
Rocky worked at a chain and latch, and the big door
began to rise.
“Rocky,” Hector screamed again. “They’re back.”
Rocky turned, pulled his pistol and fired at the near
figure. The bullet blew it into pieces of flying matter.

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