Eventually… #atozchallenge


     Eventually the rig passed them. They were knocked off the road by the MAC truck. Bouncing and rolling the Humvee landed upside down. They took a trembling slide in a cloud of dust and watched dirt slide in through the windows. They came to a grinding stop. Blinded by dust debris had littered the riders in the vehicle. Drug packs of plastic and wrapping tape rested on Hector and Rocky. The goods had wedged them into tight balls.

Hector tuned the engine off. “Mofo, this is too wicked.” He stretched and yawned. “Adrenalin working me over. Ha’bout you Rock.”

“Couldn’t be better. Is my voice squeaky? Something really whammed me in the nuts.”

“Still the old Rock.”

In a crunching roar three Diesel rigs slide on gravel and surrounded the Humvee. They watched as bony meat covered legs and feet surrounded their vehicle.

Bony hands and arms reached in and unhooked Hector’s seat belt and pulled him out. “Holy mofos, don’t touch me.”

A hissy female voice said, “No man’s ever said that to me before.”

“Jesus Christe,” Hector yelled. “You must have been a babe once.”

“Still am, asshole,” the voice countermanded Hector.

One leaned over on Rocky’s side and laughed. “You next.”

Rocky pulled his pistol and fired at the bony creature. It’s body turned into debris. The sound seemed to blow the thing into pieces. Rocky crawled out his window.

Bony feet scampered away giving him space. He ran to the front of the Humvee. Rocky saw Hector was held by three skeletal things. One had been a woman. She wore a two-piece top and bottom outfit.

“We don’t have to kill your friend yet. But if you kill another one of us we will.”

“I’ve got a lot more rounds, so if you hurt him I will.”

“Oh, so you’re a touch one.”

“What do you want with us?” Rocky asked, still holding the gun on the female. Hector was right. She could have been a babe at one time.

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