Final Thoughts About the A-Z Blog Challenge

The challenge was daunting in the beginning. I had no idea what I was going to write about.
However I do have a character that I’ve used in a repertory way. No idea of a plot so I started with a scene by simply using the character I am familiar with. From that point on each scene told me where to go. Eventually
what I came up with was a story outline.

Now I can go back and fill out the story and develop links between scenes. Work with the characters and their emotions and their arcs. Get inside them a little more. It was like advertising when you had to come up with a
concept within a given time, because a million bucks in media had been purchased and you had to deliver a concept within a specific time.

It was challenging, but fun and showed me things about my writing self that I hadn’t known before.

Wally Runnels

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