Good News… #atozchallenge

G2020Good news ran through Rocky’s head. Here was his truck. The driver was a creature who called himself Bonerag. “Thanks Bonerag,” Rocky nodded.

Bonerag growled back, “Fusss yousss. All the bone people hissed.

He looked inside and brushed away the dead skin fragments. He got in and started the engine and looked for his phone in the glove box. There were nine messages from Roberto Cruz, police captain and head of the Mexicali Cartel. He was screaming in the last message.“

“Call me you lame mouthed pendejo. Where’s Hector?”

Rocky pushed the last message and the phone dialed. It was eleven in the morning and warming up. It might be hot today. It rang, No answer. Then, “what the fuck, hello.”

“It’s Rocky.”

“Did you get it?”

“Yeah, but there’s complications.”

“Don’t care about your problems. I want my stuff.” This was from a guy who already had millions.

“The Camineros Muertes have it.”

“The dead truckers, who are they.”

“Guess you’re not familiar with local folk lore.”

“Another cartel,” Bullshit.”

“You won’t believe this, but it’s a gang of dead people.”

“You’re right, I don’t believe you. Dead people don’t steal. They’re dead because they did steal.”

“Well, these guys are dead and they’re holding Hector.”

“Fuck Hector, get back the goods.”

“I’ll be looking for Arongo Mota, in that case.”

“Yeah, he stole my stuff.”

“I’m on my way.”

“Make sure you do him nasty. Get Arongo, Hector can take care of himself.”

“I gave Hector my word I’d get him back.”

“Fuck Hector, get Arongo.” Then Rocky’s phone went dark. Cruz had hung up.

Roberto Cruz was only about Roberto Cruz, a spoiled rich kid from a powerful family. What an asshole. In Cruz’s mind people were just tools. But he paid his tools very well.

Rocky drove in the direction of Mexicali. He slowed when he came to the Laguna Salada. It was a flat sandy stretch that was considered to be the extreme tip of Sea of Cortez. Arongo Mota lived in an elaborate tent next to a hot spring. He called himself the Sheik of the Salada. He was a dangerous character who enjoyed hurting people.



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