Let’s Get Moving…#AtoZChallenge


Let’s get moving Beatrice. Give me the name of Arongo’s best friend. Rocky was nervous thinking about Hector. He was running out of time and he knew it.

Beatrice was acting strange. She made Rocky nervous considering what had happened to Clavio. She could not be the sweet thing that she pretended to be.

“Oh Rocky, I’m so embarrassed that you had to watch me protect my virtue.”

“He was going for it pretty good wasn’t he.”

“Yes, he was,” she moaned out her voice as if she had lost her virtue to Clavio.

“You seem to keep it pretty well intact.”

“Yes it’s safely hidden between my legs.” She looked at Rocky and winked. “My virtue is to be given, not taken.”

Rocky didn’t like where she was going. There was something about her that Rocky felt wanted to spring out and damage. “Right now Beatrice, I need information. Where would Arrange hang out?”

“He goes to some very bad places.”

“You must know where these places are, so take me there.”

“We go to go to the down side of town.”

“Let’s go,” Rocky urged.

They passed boarded up doors and windows. Businesses that once were, but now no longer. Walking in shadows they passed a crumpling ruin of dead businesses. Boarded windows and hanging doors created a morgue-like atmosphere.

“Here,” Beatrice pointed to a metal door with a barred window. The sign said Dead Sweetening. “Are you sure you want to go in? You seem so nice.”

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