Thanks Brenna for this wonderful review!

Twisted Love
by Wally Runnels (Goodreads Author)

Brenna’s reviewFeb 15, 2020
Four stars-really liked it

Julietta is an archaeologist. Rocky is an ex-Marine turned hired killer. Set in Mexico, the stories of these 2 characters are, initially, separated. Eventually, the stories intersect, but not without a mix of the Mexican Drug Cartel, dirty cops, bloodshed, and the possibility of bringing forth some Aztec spirits.
Yes, the story has bloodshed. Yes, there are some gritty scenes in the book. Yes, there are prostitution and drug scenes in the book. The characters of Julietta and Rocky are well developed, passionate about what they do. Runnels works in a good twist or two of who is double-crossing who. Both Rocky and Julietta have a dark side, but both have heart, with a desire to get past the negativity in their world and move forward.
Twisted Love moves quickly and will keep your attention. I kept it with me in my car and at home so whenever I did sit and read, the book was right there.

***I received a copy of this from Wally Runnels.

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