The Border Dilemma.

The Mexican American Border is a confusing place. It’s a single black line on a map. But when you’re standing on it and you see the trails that lead to it, you can see why it’s a source of conflict.

The North side says, “You can’t cross this line.” The South side says, “But we have nothing here and you have everything up there.” So people from the South start to sneak across and people from the North try to stop them.

And who’s the winner? The Border Patrol said they apprehend only a quarter of the illegal entries. No one knows how many more have died trying.

The lucky ones who have had a successful crossing stay in the north for the work, and save money. They pay their taxes, but being illegal receive few benefits. Many seek legal help from immigration attorneys to get green cards and eventual citizenship.

Others, who have crossed work and lay low without seeking to become citizens, but save money for the time they’ll go south to stay, to start a business and build a home in Mexico.

Illegal passage up and down is not uncommon. People who live away from loved ones get homesick and sneak back down to visit. Some who have created a family in the north might be deported and want to return.

Crossing the Border, North or South, becomes expensive and dangerous. To hire a coyote will cost two or three thousand dollars, and even with the help of a guide, many get lost and die in the desert.

Because we are a nation that holds humanity in high regard there is no easy answer to the Border dilemma.

My name is Wally Runnels and I write Border Pulp.

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