These just aren’t…#atozchallenge


“These just aren’t piles of bones?”

“Noss they are actually piles of dead people.”

“And they all want out.”

“Yepsss. Now maybe I can go find my mother.”

“What’s your name?”

“They call me Bone Hump. What’s your woman’s name.”

“This is Bernice.” Rocky said with a gesture.

“No Rocky, Lucille and Evan gave me another name.”

“What is it,” Rocky asked.

“Lucille started it. They call me Bone Hag.

“Lucille is just getting back at you.”

“These names are just to put us down,” said Bone Hump. “My name was Homer Gibson, but now I’m Bone Hump.

“Well Bone Hump, do you know where I might find Arango Mota. He’s hiding in here somewhere.”

“I’ve heard that name,” answered Bone Hump. “Everyone knows what you say around here. All the bones are complete bodies and they want out of the pile. And here I am.” He did a funny little bone man dance.

“Can you help out this man?” asked Bone Hag. “He’s a killer, but he’s very nice.”

“Thanks Bone Hag,” murmured Rocky.

“I hope I didn’t say something wrong.”

“Not as farss as I’m concerned,” hissed Bone Hump.

Rocky had a feeling something was happening between Bone Hag and Bone Hump.

“The body you’ll want to talk to is Bone Breaker.”

“Where is he?”

“Everyone hates him. He made a cave by breaking up skeleton remains. He just tore them apart. Once bones are broken and torn away you can never be whole again.”

“Okay lets go,” Bone Hag urged her new friend. “Rocky needs to find Arango.”

“Bone Hag, can I walk with you?”

“Oh certainly,” she put her arm under his and they walked away side by side.

There’s something for everyone, Rocky thought. He rubbed his Buddha and his pistol and began to feel really good.

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