Jacumba is mentioned in my Border Pulp Series. We’ll get there, but there are some interesting places to see before we make our destination.

BANKHEAD SPRINGS copyLets stop at Bankhead Springs. It was named after Tallulah Bankhead’s father, William B. Bankhead, who was Speaker of the House in the forties. It’s the home of Rocky, the main character in my Border Pulp Series. The building is the old Bankhead Springs Hotel, (click image to enlarge) where Tallulah’s dad stayed when he came to California to keep an eye on his daughter, Tallulah. She was pretty wild.

My characeter, Rocky doesn’t live in the hotel. He has a cabin behind it with a good view of the road and the surrounding area. His greatest fear is surprise. He’s a professional killer and there’s always a chance someone may want to pay him back for some past deed he’s committed.

If you want to know more about Rocky get The In-Ko-Pah Spirit, an action adventure paranormal Rocky novella that takes place in the nearby In-Ko-Pah Mountains, a spooky place.

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