Why wait? PART 2 #atozchallenge

1badge“Why wait, Arango? Come on.”

Rocky was in the middle between Arango and Bone Breaker. He pulled out his Taurus revolver. It was loaded with forty-five long. Bone Breaker was getting close. Rocky could tell he was just around the corner in the long hall.

“Come and get it amigo,” Arango yelled the challenge at Rocky.

“I can shoot you shoot you just as well from here,” Rocky growled at his quarry.

“Sure, but I got more than this knife,” Arango pulled a small semiautomatic handgun.

“That’s a toy, Arango.” Rocky aimed his pistol at Arango. “You gonna shoot, go ahead.”

Arango backed to the wall behind him. The wall began to scream and howl. Rocky guessed it was one of the walls he had been stabbing. Bony hands and fingers reached out. Rocky saw their intent was not to touch and caress, but to rip and tear.

Arango screamed and fired his weapon into the wall creating a frenzy of deadly clawing wall people. The hands, stripped of flesh began pulling at a screaming Arango. He stabbed with his knife. It was a futile attempt to disengage from the wall of many people. He sat upright held by bony hands and arms. Bones around Arango were covered in his blood. He emptied his pistol and stabbed with his knife again, screaming obscenities and threats. Finally he could no longer move his body or his arms. His eyes widened into round spheres of shock. He was slowly being pulled into the wall, his body cracking, as his bones were broken to fit the tiny aperture he was making. His last sound was a muffled scream.

A hammer hit the wall behind Rocky. Bone Breaker was behind Rocky and close. The malevolent tool was raised in mid stroke. Rocky grabbed it and forced Bone Breaker against wall. Happy murmurs forced the creature’s mouth into s silent scream. Clamping shut as if in pain, teeth flew out at the abrupt closure. Now the skeletal creature was being torn apart by happy bony hands. Bone Breaker’s anatomy was being shattered and by a happy crowd of his tormented companions. A happy mum carried through the tight space. Bone Breaker no longer existed. The only evidence of his being was the rusty hammer that lay on the bone covered passage.

Rocky looked back at Arango, or what was once Arango. Only a smear of torn clothing, shards of meat and blood were the only evidence of his existence. Rocky sat and leaned against the wall and happy hands massaged his weary muscles. “Thank you, my friends,” he said and smiled. His job was done.

Roberto Cruz asked for the job to be nasty. And it was. Rocky wouldn’t go into details but Cruz would gladly pay the price.

Rocky began the laborious move to the entrance. Sighs and laughter and caressing hands followed his progress. “Woof, woof,” came out of the wall to his right. He carefully looked up and down the skeletal fragments. Where is it, he wondered? Then, saw a line of cartilage and hair that wagged. Rocky searched for the collarbone and cautiously pulled at it. Guiding the muzzle through some ribs he carefully got it out.

The bony creature jumped and rattled around Rocky. He rubbed his hand over the bony, hairy back. “Good boy, he said, guessing at the gender.

He followed the bony canine to the opening anticipating the feeling of sunlight on his chilled body.

Now he had to get Hector.

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